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Yesterday I finally committed to switching my Alabama driver license and car registration to Nevada and what started as a tough day turned into one of the most unexpected and wonderful.

I signed in at the DMV info desk and got my place in line (38th) but I didn’t leave the building, even though I knew I could and wait for the text the DMV sends when it’s about my turn. I stayed at the DMV because I knew if I left, I may not have returned because I was feeling great sadness over the relocation. If felt wrong and I was getting wet eyes. Almost a couple hours passed and I was finally next in line. I was called to window 14.

There were about 20 windows open witDMV.Bama.2018h 20 different DMV clerks. I approached window 14 and the clerk was a lovely blond woman wearing a long strand of pearls. I sat down and at the sight of my Alabama scarf (it was #collegecolorsday) and my Alabama cup the clerk said “wait a minute!” I paused with tingly excitement because I recognized the accent in those three little words she used. From under her desk she brought out her Alabama lunch box. I squealed “Roll Tide!”


So we talked a lot. I had three different transactions and it took a lot of time–luckily. She was sympathetic when I told her I don’t want to surrender my Alabama license plates. She said she has personalized plates “BAMAGRL” and I replied, “I’ve seen those around town!” But, she said, she used to have “BAMACHK” and she had not released them yet. She would be willing to release them today if I wanted them. Now, I had to really think about this because I don’t care to be called “chick” but what good would this story be if I said no thank you?

She released them and in a couple weeks I will check my mail and find my new license plates that spell out BAMACHK.




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