These are the GO notes.

I’m just going to go.

I’ve been back in Nevada since May 2012 and ever since, I’ve desired a return to Alabama. I lived there only two years for graduate school, but something special cemented in my core and I have missed it. I am challenged by taking these gut feelings and translating them to a story. I have so many reasons why I shouldn’t want to go back: the bugs and humidity, obviously, but while I lived there I totalled my car, broke my leg (still have the screws in my fibula), and was there for the most devastating tornado in recorded American history (at the time). Yet, it was those experiences that DO give me reason to return. The community that just naturally comes together when things go down.

I turned 45 in February. Perhaps this is a questionable time to do this, but if not now, then when? I’m getting rid of everything that doesn’t fit in a 4’x8′ trailer and I’m loading up my dog and hitting the road. I have a destination, and that is all. I have no job lined up (which is the hardest to accept…), just a desire to try to fit in with a community.

This space–this site–is where I will celebrate this completely irresponsible, yet wonderful decision to just go. These are the notes about going…my go notes.


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